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Torn - Annie Brewer Holy Cliff-hanger!!! Why?! Oh, WHY?!

So yup, its a cliffy :(
I really like alternating POVs, so that's a huge plus for this book. Jackson is... self aware. I really liked him, and his brother. and his father, the side characters in this are good. I kinda want to kill Amber...and Daniel!

I found Jackson's part of the story more compelling than Sky's...but that's not really unusual for me. I liked Sky, she's not a doormat type heroine, but pretty down to earth.

I could have used a little more...I don't know how to explain it, instead of hearing about the things they used to do or how close they were, I would have liked to discover it or something, through flashbacks or dialogue/banter or something.
Will be reading the next one...so come on Annie!