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Forged in Steele

Forged in Steele - Maya Banks I'm going three stars, though let me go ahead and admit that I didn't start this series from the beginning, this was my first one. The author did well in relaying info that was relevant from previous books to the current situations, but there is no substitute for having read the books and connecting with the characters on that level, and so I think that was part of it for me, while I understood that there was a connection, especially with Steele and PJ, I didn't necessarily feel it because I haven't read the other books.
Now, I liked the story line, I enjoyed the characters, enough to want to get some of their stories as well, though I think...maybe it was almost like Steele was too perfect...know what I mean? Like, what are the odds you're going to find an immensely sexy man that usually never talks and is all lone wolf bad ass (and face it, we like the silent ones), but then turns into the absolute IDEAL man. He never pisses you off, he says the sweetest (and sometimes cheesiest) things. I mean, I liked him, don't get me wrong, it was more of a "really?" kind of effect for me.
I did take issue with the dialogue...during sex...I mean, there were some seriously long conversations, like paragraphs back and forth--DURING sex...odd, no?
Anyhoo, I would recommend this, I can totally see reading others from this series and more from this author.