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Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain - Abigail Roux Oh my...I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this...I mean...I enjoyed reading it, I did.
I took off a star because as far as a Cut and Run story is concerned, I think of Ty and Zane, and I didn't feel like I got enough of Ty and Zane. I also took off a star because while I enjoy murder mystery crazy shit, I got hella confused. Too many people, too many motives, too much...well, confusion.
Having said that. I love Ty and Zane. Was I disappointed that I didn't get more of them? Yes. Its fine that everything was not all smart ass remarks and stupid puns and stuff, but I just felt like I didn't get them, I missed too many of those little moments of theirs that I adore.
I love Nick and Kelly. I was glad to see them and I was even glad to see Ty and Nick go toe to toeI don't know. I liked it but definitely my least favorite of the series.