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Rough, Raw, and Ready

Rough, Raw, and Ready - Lorelei James I think I gotta go three stars...maybe four...it started so strong and then...God did it ever tank. Let me say, I love M/M. I am not opposed to menage at all, but I was just reading it and thinking "I'm not enjoying this, I'm not enjoying this." But a little after halfway, it picked up again. There was something very...uncomfortable and unlikable about all of the initial sexual encounters...I'm not opposed to sex for the sake of sex, but when people's emotions are affected and when commitments aren't being honored, it pisses me off, and it was done with such seeming nonchalance that I was like, God, who are these people and please let this be over soon! But then...the emotions came out and the understanding and the bonding, and the characters opening up to each other and recognizing things about themselves and each other and what they wanted and it great after that...so I guess I knocked off a star or two for that little section of like 20-50%...but I'm glad I stuck with it, because I did end up liking it once it was more than just without limits or consideration fucking. I have read other books by Lorelei James and I do like this series and will continue with it.