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How to Save a Life

How to Save a Life - Sloan Parker 3, 3.5 stars
I really liked Kevin. He was smart and sweet and awkward and nervous, yet I found him incredibly brave. And how can you not love a guy that continuously trips over nothing and slams into things? I do love a klutz! To me that made him...sweeter or more real, I know lots of people found it annoying, but I liked him.
Walter...he only pissed me off on occasion, about the age thing, though if I was older than someone's father (or mother) I might find that more than somewhat bothersome as well. Overall, I really liked him.
As far as the whole abduction story line goes, I was feeling it maybe the first two mentions of it (our psycho is crazy) but after that I wasn't really feeling it at all, I mean for all I cared they could have been investigating the great tomato theft of 2013. Well, maybe that's not true. The abductions relate to each of them for different reasons and getting to their past and their motivations for helping was important and I really liked that part of getting to know them and their little moments of sharing. However, I felt the Protector was...well...skim-worthy. Sorry.
Would recommend for the relationship. Would read more from this author.