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Special Delivery

Special Delivery - Heidi Cullinan 3 stars...3.5 stars?
Review is spoilery so read at your own risk
I don't know. I was hearing such fantastic things and its been on my TBR FOREVER! so I think maybe I built it up too much...or I'm just not as kinky as the rest of you! J/K--kind of
No, I liked it...I gotta admit, I was kinda like "What?" when Sam is introducing himself to us...he's not the usual character, but I liked him and hated his family with the appropriate passion and I kept whispering him to pick up the phone and call Mitch. I was glad when he did.
The sex was...hot...a few times like eyebrows to the hairline hot. I enjoyed that.
Mitch frustrated me and Sam frustrated me with his frustration, but I guess I got it.
I will tell you that the introduction of Randy was like
Happy sexy buzz: officially

I didn't want him around, I was searching the cab of Mitch's truck for a shotgun, I mean I really didn't want him around.
But then I guess I saw the need for him, why he was necessary and what he revealed about the dynamic of Sam and Mitch.
I think Sam showed some maturity there toward the end and I appreciated that he didn't take the easy way and genuinely wanted to figure stuff out for himself.

Overall, I enjoyed...didn't love but I enjoyed. Will read more from this author.