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Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels - Julie Ann Walker 4 stars. I liked it, there were some parts that were like "really?" but overall, I was pretty into it. I thought the secondary characters were fantastic and I'm looking forward to getting more of them. There was some really painful moments in there. I so love soldier and marines...sigh...Nate was wonderful, loved him. Ali...well, mostly I liked her, she wasn't weak, but was admittedly naive, but not in an annoying way or anything. She did throw up a lot...I mean, jeesh...she was kinda killing me. She cried a lot, too, but given the situation and time frame of dealing with her brother's death, it was understandable. I would have liked a little more "steam"...who am I kidding? A lot more steam!!! But the book although pretty long, went by quickly, it didn't get boring, although there were a few parts that I felt like could have been edited out. Overall I enjoyed it and will continue with this series.