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Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle - Barbra Annino *I won this novel through Goodreads First Reads*

4 stars, though...a different kind of 4 stars from the other books. This one was really different form the 3 previous ones. What I super liked about this one was we get Birdie's perspective, we get to meet some different characters, we get a glimpse into the past and it was a completely different set up then the other books were. We got to see Ivy and John again, which is nice. Lolly surprised me and I just adored her, she was one of the most vivid characters of the series.
What I missed--well, I missed Chance, I mean...we get him, and I love him, but I am always wishing there was a bit more of him.
I kind of missed the formula of the other three, there was something in the town going on, and Stacy working and finding things out, although, each book was leading to this final one, so I understood the need to break from the norm.
I was surprised, too...I wasn't sure who could be trusted and who couldn't. As always, with the witch history, I get a little confused because that particular point is just not that interesting to me.
Overall, I really enjoyed this series and would definitely read more from this author and would recommend to fans of slightly supernatural, strong female lead characters that are funny and sarcastic and a good mystery.