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Untangle Me

Untangle Me - Chelle Bliss Unfortunately, this just wasn't for me.
There were a few things I liked. I liked the last few pages. I liked the dual POVs.
But...that was pretty much it for me.
I think the story had some real potential, showing how real relationships disintegrate and the frustration and all...but it just fell short for me.

It started with promise...but...

to illustrate some issues, I'm spoiling
First was the dialogue...it seemed rather unnatural, especially given the ages of the these characters. What thirty something guy says "I love her hair" when looking at a picture of his friends' girlfriend? And what guy of that age asks a girl to be his girlfriend? By the way honey, getting finger fucked at a restaurant isn't exactly PDA. Other than some things like that that stood out, it was rather...stilted maybe, things didn't flow and transitions and time frames seemed to just be thrown together.
Then it was like...it got too sugar sweet...he was too perfect...and then, well, we found that all of that was bullshit.
The alcoholism thing was bothersome--which it was supposed to be, and that was probably the only time I was like woah and had any kind of feeling for Sophia at all. But then she messed it up. Our main guy is drinking until he passes out every day and she's pissed, he calls, asks if he can go out with his boys, she says "don't drink too much" which is WTF in itself, and then when hes drunk (shocker!) she says, well, I gave him permission. I don't know. And hello, she calls herself a whore for letting some guy kiss her.
Why, when his mother is the least judgmental person ever and he clearly has a good relationship with her, would she not support him after the Lisa thing? He had to drink because he had no where else to go?
Do school librarians need dresses for homecoming? Maybe...that was just a random thought I had.
I felt that the relationship got really unhealthy, but that may have been the most realistic and emotional part of it. I didn't feel much for either character, for some reason, I just didn't feel anything, but when they're going through the , I don't want to leave him because he's having a hard time, but I can't handle this shit, and he's doing the I've got this demon but I want to be better...that was well...okay.
The whole thing with Lisa was...weird to say the least. Most crazy psychotic stalker bitches don't let a year go by before they start calling again, but whatever.

I may have liked the story better, awkward transitions and strange dialogue if I had just felt the characters more. Neither of them really got to me. I just kind of saw them in an abstract, disconnected kind of way.