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More Than One Night

More Than One Night - Marie Tuhart 3 mostly all Jake stars
I won this book and truly appreciate the author having donated the book for the games.
Its no secret that I prefer M/M books...I have a hard time with majority of the lead females these days and quite unfortunately I could not stand Beth. I wanted to...she started out rather promising actually, but her thought process and decision making caused one cringe-worthy moment after another.
Beth and Jake meet and go home together for a one night stand, or so Beth thought.
Jake tracks her down after she slips out after their ultra amazing-multiple orgasm-filled night. I did find Jake's behavior a little stalker-esque, but honestly, I can overlook it.
Beth does want him, but she's afraid. Of everything. The whole time. Now, getting glimpses of what she went through as a child, I understood her fear. I get the need to stand on your own two feet, the importance of independence and not losing yourself to a man. Totally get it. Having said that, the way she handled stuff made it incredibly hard for me to like her. I think around 80 percent I was telling Jake to run.
Jake, with the exception of the above-mentioned issue, I liked him. He made a few errors, but don't we all. He was hot and sweet and though I agree with Beth about the bill thing, I wouldn't have reacted like that.
I felt badly for him, he put his heart out there and she repeatedly stomped on it. Not in a mean, vicious way, but those true knife to the heart type things.
The sex was pretty hot. It was pretty frequent. I'm not a big fan of insta-love, insta-lust I can get behind a little easier. They had chemistry and other than Jake being a little too sweet at times (I like my guys a little...meaner :) ) those scenes were fine.
The issues with the dog that people brought up, I understand.
Overall, the story kept me interested and I was rooting for them until Beth's behavior just became too much for me. I wanted Jake to be happy though.
I will read more from this author.