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From the Ashes

From the Ashes - Daisy Harris I'm going with 4 stars I think. There were several things I adored about this book. I really LOVED Tomas and Jesse. Michael, even though he was a douchebag, and Maria-though we didn't get too much of her.
Tomas was great because he was sweet and genuinely cared about what happened to Jesse and of course, he's a hot firefighter


super adorable. Basically discarded by his parents, working, going to school, trying to make it on his own. Sweetness.
I loved that there was family drama because, let's face it, that's life. I love that Michael was a douchebag for a reason and I sincerely hope we get to see his story at some point. I felt for him at the mall, it was such a small moment, but I was there with him, eyes locked...it was painful. Tomas and the firefighters...well, honestly, we only get to see him interact with Rick after the big reveal, but that was something.
I was surprised that things happened so quickly between the two, especially considering Tomas's denial of who he was and what he wanted.
As far as what I would have liked to see more of: side characters, life outside of the Tomas-Jesse thing, how they individually handle things. The story is so much just them together and in the house.
I wanted to kill Diego. I mean, like

empty a clip in him...

Again...more of Tomas with his firefighter buddies or more personal and individual interaction with the fam would have been nice.
The steamy scenes were...well steamy. I enjoyed them. there was a high level of emotion attached to them, especially the first time...Gah...love that...it was sad and sweet...
Overall, really enjoyed the story, looking forward to more from this author and I would recommend to my friends!