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Undeclared - Jen Frederick I'm so torn about this book...I think I'm going three stars...

I'm going to break it down into what I loved and what didn't do it for me.

What I liked
Noah--I enjoyed his character, and as most of the letters were from his pov, we got a little more insight from him. His reactions were honest "guy" reactions and thoughts.
Dual pov--I know some people don't like this, but I do, I want to be in both of the main characters' heads.
The letters--though there weren't nearly enough for me, I did enjoy the glimpse of the letters they wrote to each other, especially as you can see the progression between the more mundane stuff and when they start reallysharing.
There was some heat mixed with sweetness, and I love that!
You looked so beautiful and peaceful, I couldn't wake you. There's a glass of water and two aspirin on your nightstand. We're going to have a party tonight at The Woodlands. Don't plan on drinking much. I want you to take advantage of me. All night long.

The side characters--though Lana was like...I'm not even sure what to say about her, she had redeeming qualities. I liked Josh, everybody should have a good big brother. Bo was awesome (can't wait for his book), I'd like to get to know the other guys better, too. Mal, Finn, Adam. Even in the just the brief exchanges you could see a camaraderie between them.
Noah's a marine (once a marine, always a marine!) and I love soldiers and marines! He's also a fighter, though I gotta be honest, that part of the story wasn't very appealing to me.
There was some genuinely good dialogue in there, and I especially liked the whole Odyssey thing.

Things that didn't work for me
Grace--I didn't dislike her, but I was left feeling just kind of like "whatever" about her. Her and Noah's fight...gah! I wanted to slap her. When she's talking to her brother and says, "I'm letting down my gender." I nodded and said "yes, yes you are." but not for what she was talking about. The fact that she didn't have shit figured out was the most relate-able thing about her! I understood not wanting to put herself out there, afraid of failure and all, I get it. Like I said, I didn't dislike her, it was more just general apathy.
Another thing that didn't really work for me was her heartbreak. While I COMPLETELY understood it, and felt bad, it was in such an abstract way, like I knew I should feel badly, but I didn't actually feel much of anything. I think it was just how the story unfolded. Maybe if we had gotten some more of their personal letters and then had the Dear Jane letter, I would have been more broken, more cautious, more outraged or something, but alas, I was just like, "why are you playing at this 'friends' thing?"

Overall, I give it a 3, it had potential for more, and there were parts in there that warrant more than a three, but yeah, overall, that's what I'm sticking with. I will read more from this series and this author because I did enjoy the characters and I'm a sucker for any uniformed man, and I LOVE a HEA!