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Point of No Return

Point of No Return - N.R. Walker 4 stars...maybe 4.5. It was about 150 pages, which is kinda short for what I'm typically reading, but I LOVED it! There was a wee bit of repetition in some wording of thoughts or reactions and usually I like my sex to be a little more *descriptive*, but this book was right up my alley.
I mean Kira

Sexy, kick-boxer, funny, sweet, great relationship with his parents...could not love this guy more especially how he put himself in harms way to protect the girls.


Hot cop, rarely drinks, spends his time at the gym...yum-a-rific!

Matt and Kira are both still rather "closeted" when it comes to their jobs and work friends, it weighs on them and doesn't allow them the freedom to be themselves at home. Matt's job is also an issue and it has caused problems for him in the past. Kira fears for him and is frustrated with the danger and lack of communication sometimes.
This story is very sweet, not overly graphic-though there is hotness, the characters are great, there is genuine emotion, there are a few "Oh No!" moments and some seriously heartbreaking moments in there. I like that more than just the story between Matt and Kira, Mitch is a significant part--being Matt's cop-partner. Overall, really enjoyed. Recommend to my friends, and will read more from this author.