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Dark Soul Vol. 1

Dark Soul Vol. 1 - Aleksandr Voinov Why did you have to end?! Why couldn't you be longer?! Why didn't I get that frantic, dirty and then lazy, sweet sex scene I was hoping and praying for?
I don't know what I thought when I started this, but it wasn't it...I mean, it was different. I got a little lost in the first few pages just with the names and the Italian, but was quick to get over it.
Stefano is likable and sex is dripping off of Silvio. There were a few times when I was like

Uh...hello...whirlpool... I about lost my mind.
I won't even get into the whole Beretta thing... "No hard feelings?" I mean... I was like...
and yet....I wasn't...
I like the characters, I just need MORE...it was too short...*wipes tears*, I wanted it to keep going. And the last little bit just broke my heart a little...