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Aftermath - Cara Dee 5 stars. I loved this. Its heartbreaking and frustrating and sad and hopeful and sweet and hot. LOVE it!
So Cam and Austin (along with 8 others) were held captive in cages in a basement for 5 months. Upon release, Cam and Austin stay in touch.

They understand each other like no one else can understand them, they don't always get along, easy to anger, their tempers quick now--they are both dealing and avoiding issues. But they need each other, they ground each other.
I love their "Gun or no gun" motto for maintaining their strength and to keep going.

We learn of their captivity through their flashbacks...

which were just brutal at times.
Austin is married and has an adorable 10 year old daughter. His wife is the most horrific, manipulative, self-centered and just awful woman in existence.
They help each other as they struggle to heal and accept the things that have changed, to find routine and stability again. Their friendship, which was more than friendship in a way that only being in war or being held prisoner together can be, turns into something more.

I loved Cam but I have to admit, I think Austin was the most perfectly written character. There was such honesty and relate-ability about him. "Content to be content" is what he said about himself, but really, he was just going through the motions, like he wasn't really present. All the things about him that he desired, that he realized he wanted or that changed or that made him angry, only added to how much I loved him. Oh, and of course, his love for his daughter!

Beautiful story. LOVE it, love the author, will recommend to everyone!