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Take Me

Take Me - Diane Alberts Uh...the first few of these I liked better...This one was okay I liked Mike...Morgan was..."eh" I don't know, she had her moments.
It started pretty hot, I think. We got to know Mike a little in the last book, and I liked him. He's a man-whore of course and doesn't want any real relationship. He meets Morgan--who I liked a lot in the beginning...she gave him a taste of his own medicine which is always nice. She had her own goals and priorities and knew what she wanted and wasn't some virginal push-over.
Morgan's a dancer--not a stripper, shame on you for thinking that! and she doesn't want anything to interfere with her career, especially not a man.
She and Mike have a drunken night together in Vegas and wake up hitched.
While I liked the characters (initially at least), basically they were walking around like

It's all, "I never wanted to get married and you never wanted to get married, so we should get this annulled. No, wait, we must have gotten married for a reason, let's try. Okay, but not really try because neither of us actually want to get married." I mean, their inner dialogue was making me dizzy. And Morgan and her marriage and kids speech...and then the way she acted after that...I was shaking my head.
I don't know...I guess for a short somewhat predictable story, it's okay...but considering how much I liked the first two, these last two were kind of a let-down. I would still read more from this author and if she continues with the series I will pick up the next one.