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Play Me - Diane Alberts Oh man...first let me explain--I LOVE Diane Alberts! I LOVE this series! Try Me and Love Me were four star reads for me, but this one was just...ugh. I HATED Kiersten! I mean, really. Now, I felt for her, I did. She was a single mother, she had suffered loss and tragedy and yes, her douchebag of a fiance broke her heart, I'm not saying I don't understand being cautious or whatever, but even from the moment she decided to "seduce" her best friend who she knew liked her she was doing it for the wrong reason. That whole scene afterwards broke my damn heart!
So here she is...she has the perfect man at her door
and she just constantly pushes him away!
I mean, he's wonderful--and I'm not even talking about his hotness or the fact that he's so fantastic in bed. He's a teacher and a basketball coach, good with kids, best friends with her brother, and even though he has had this thing for her for years, he's never acted on it and always been there for her. And with her "news" he reacts in the best possible way! I love him, I want one of my own!
Her behavior just...ugh...I was cringing and just so disappointed in her. Bummer-tastic... :( I will read the next one, because I really do love this series, and usually her female characters are so much better, but this one disappointed me...