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A Reason To Believe

A Reason To Believe - Diana Copland I think I'll go 4 stars on this one. I didn't LOVE it, but I really enjoyed it, I was interested and I liked the characters. The paranormal part was pretty mild and I liked how the relationship between Matt and Keirnan unfolded. It was like insta-anything (well, maybe it was but it didn't feel like it.) Crimes against children are just...usually too much and this one really hurt...and there is something just miserable in reading about it, but I almost felt like her continual presence in the story made it easier for me to handle.
I liked the side characters Aiden and Sheila (when she wasn't pissing me off--cuz seriously, she'd have to step back.)
Keirnan and Matthew made a good balance. Matt all kind of serious and low key and Kiernan was...fun.

There was sweetness and some hotness.
In all honesty, I didn't really care for the last little bit, the way the crime was solved and I wanted a little more after the ending.
Overall 4 stars and I would read more from this author.