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The Closer You Get

The Closer You Get - L.A. Witt 5 stars...I know several people had several issues with this book. But...I LOVED it. I...loved it. I laughed and I was highlighting the shit out of it. Was it the most realistic story ever? or the most original? Nope, but damn if I didn't love every fracking word of it.


Hot bartender, self-proclaimed manwhore--and not ashamed of it, involved with Rhett and Ethan, meets


Sweet, shy, just stepped out of the closet and escaped from his hellish homelife--doesn't know who he is, Alex.

Sabrina introduced them in the hopes that Keiran could open Alex's world up a bit, and did he ever. Good Lord! I loved Keiran's pov...so much so that it didn't even bother me that we didn't get Alex's. Keiran meets Alex and its instant attraction.
"'Don't want to go out like that?'
Oh, it was so tempting to mention I had no problem going out dressed like this if my clothes were just going to end up on the floor anyway. Tempting. Very tempting."

But Keiran's little world crashes down when Alex drops "The V-word".
This is where Keiran would normally run the other way, but he doesn't want to leave this poor kid to the wolves and he honestly and sincerely cares enough to not want him to have to endure some of the painful and humiliating experiences that he and friends had to go through. And he is a little...well...hopeful
"One night with him. God, let me have one night in this man's bed. One long, hot sweaty night..."
There were some laugh out loud moments, some "uh, really?" moments and there were times when I doubted things would really go that way, but then again, they might and it didn't pull me out of the story.
The whole visit to Oh Zone was like...well, I guess they summed it up pretty good in the book
"Forget Kansas, Alex. You're not even in Oz anymore."
I loved the characters, Keiran especially--I haven't read the first one, but I enjoyed the little pieces of Rhett and Ethan as well. Being in Keiran's head with his dirty mouth, dirty mind, and straight forward honesty made him hilarious and I could feel him, his excitement, his lust, his concern. When he felt guilty, worried, getting caught up, I felt it. He felt very real to me. I would definitely recommend and I of course love L.A. Witt!