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Coming Undone

Coming Undone - Lauren Dane 3.5 stars

I've read a few Lauren Dane books and I think she creates interesting characters.
I enjoyed everybody--well, except Raven obviously, but the side characters are great and not just filler or kind of flat throw-away characters, so I really loved that. Erin is spectacular, and I'm loving her little Todd and Ben thing. Adrian--also awesome, there was a good group of people that showed up regularly just like how things happen in reality, so that was nice.
It wasn't that dreaded insta-love, so that was appealing as well.
But there was something...something in the dialogue? I'm not entirely sure, something that just felt a little off to me and I think it affected my overall feeling for the characters...almost like every conversation was so hallmark, over-the-top you are perfection and wonderful...I can take a little--not a lot. Having said that, the characters were genuinely good people. I love that Rennie was a real part of it, included in every thought and in all the plans and actions--that's what having children is really like, so it was awesome to see someone that didn't just constantly have the kid off playing somewhere so they could focus on the love/sex aspect of the story. Overall I would recommend and read more from this author.