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Not My Spook!

Not My Spook! - Tinnean 3.5, 4 stars. I honestly can not explain my fascination with this series, by all accounts it doesn't make sense. The repetition KILLS me, though this one had significantly less of it than the first one. There are times when I just can't like Vincent, and then moments when I absolutely LOVE him. I enjoy Quinn almost all of the time.
Certain things do kill me...it is the repetition thing, not just the repetition of POVs, but just the same wording over and over. Like when Vincent refers to "his old partner that went and got himself killed like an idiot" or whatever, or when he continuously talks about how he couldn't possibly have real feelings for Quinn because he's CIA...now, I'm not a government agent so maybe I just don't get it...I mean, I was in the Army and I know how branches of the military give each other crap and all of that, but after a while I'm kind of like...why is this different branch SUCH a HUGE deal> I don't get it.
Having said that...it holds my interest. I love Vincent and Quinns moments together. I get nervous for them and I like some of the side characters though I admittedly don't trust anyone (except PrettyBoy). So, even though its weirdness and there are things that bother me, I still adore them, even when Vincent is heartless and awful and killing people. I will continue the series.