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A Little Too Far

A Little Too Far - Lisa Desrochers 4 stars

Shout out to Ilze for giving me the little push I needed to read it ;)

So, I was hesitant to read this and no, it wasn't because of the step-brother thing, nor was it due to the Catholic priest thing...no...it was the "love triangle" thing. I HATE them, but this wasn't really a "love triangle" as much as just trying to figure out what you really want.

So, for anyone that's read the blurb, you know the deal--Lexie has a great, close relationship with her step-brother Trent. And then...things get...well, closer. Obviously this is a problem as they are "related" and Lex is on her way to Rome, where she
Meets a sexy almost priest.

I may say some spoileresque things, so continue at your own risk.
I will be totally honest and tell you that I didn't feel the overwhelming love connection between any of these characters. I liked them all, and did feel a connection between them, there was definitely some lust in there. So I think what really clenched the story for me was the "friendship" aspects of it. I mean, through the texts and Lexie's inner dialogue you can see how the change in the relationship with Trent is killing her. The confusion with Alessandro, and from Alessandro and his whole history and his family--what a great character! so excited that his book is next!
Overall, I enjoyed it, it was a quick and rather "light" read considering the subject matter. I liked the characters, they were all likable, which is a rarity these days. Looking forward to more from this author.