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Slade - Laurann Dohner 3 stars...I definitely liked Fury better, though as a character, I did in fact LOVE Slade. My biggest issue was Trisha...she was incredibly frustrating for me, I alternated between rolling my eyes, calmly trying to explain things to her and face palming. I mean, she's in danger, the guy points to the fire place and tells her that its safe because its bullet proof and she says, "Are you sure, its really dirty?" Dude...I mean how many times did she call herself or other characters call her smart or intelligent. I wasn't seeing too much of that.
I think too because the first half of the book was them running around in the woods, I kinda missed other characters, I liked the second half of the book better. I will continue with the series because I do like the story and characters, I just hope the rest of the females aren't quite so ...stupid.