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Midnight Awakening

Midnight Awakening - Lara Adrian 4 stars...these get better and better, even though its still a little short on the steam for me.
LOVE Tegan--he reminded me of Zsadist from BDB.

Dark, dangerous, even the other warriors are wary of him. He fights alone, takes off for days at a time without letting anyone know where hes going or where he's been. he has taught himself not to feel or express emotion, nothing other than the high he gets from taking out the Rogues.

Elise, having lost her Mate 5 years ago, went into mourning and decided she would never take another mate. After losing her son a few months ago, she has taken up hunting Rogues and Minions so that others will not have to suffer enormous loss like she did.
Elise and Tegan's paths cross once again and Elise asks him for help. He pushes Elise away, determined to believe that she is better off without him and that he, too needs distance from her. But Elise is no push over. She goes toe to toe with Tegan time and again and I kinda really loved that about her. Circumstances keep forcing them together, and Tegan must admit that she's an asset to the Order, but he still pushes her away.

Given his past, I wasn't too upset with him. I felt they were both well written characters, and even though he's supposed to be this heartless asshole, we see how is with Rio and how he felt about Sorcha, and Elise and you can't help but swoon a bit over him.
It was a slow burn though...I mean...a slow burn. But I super loved the story. I will continue with this series.