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Dark Space

Dark Space - Lisa Henry Loved it!
There are some books that grab you from the very first page, give you insight into the character and/or situation and you just know you are going to love it. This book was exactly like that, I was hooked from page one. I loved Brady, I loved his voice and his authentic, youthful perspective. He was...perfection for me. Cam, too...though it was different and harder somehow.
The story itself was strange and frightening and I found my heart pounding more than a few times and like Brady, there were times when I was just like. Fuck no, don't tell me!
I was jealous and sad and more than somewhat heartbroken.
The world the author created was vivid and it didn't seem like much of a reach, and she did it without walls of boring dialogue or pages upon pages of descriptions.
I didn't want to stop reading, but I didn't want to move forward.
The ending was a bit...I don't know if rushed is the right word or not, I personally don't care how or why it went the way it did, I was just so damn happy!
Fantastic book, highly recommend.