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Midnight Rising

Midnight Rising - Lara Adrian 4 stars, though admittedly this one took me a little longer to get into. I have loved Rio since the first one and really felt for him throughout the series and I was super excited to get to his story, but it honestly took me until about the 30% mark before I was like "Yes! I can't put it down!"


Rio is one of the more heartbreaking characters, his mate betrayed him in a horribly selfish attempt to keep him all to herself and he almost died, and he genuinely wishes he had. He's not the same, on the outside or the inside. Plagued by headaches, blackouts and uncontrollable rage, he's decided to end himself. But before he gets the chance, Dylan wanders into his life.

Smart, independent, wasting her talent writing for a tabloid magazine, pride and joy of her mother Dylan. I liked her. She didn't annoy me, though it did take me a little bit to warm up to her.

She meets Rio in the cave, where she takes pictures and send them along with a tabloid-worthy story to her pain in the ass boss. This is a complication Rio does not want or need, but he feels as if he's failed the Order too much to leave this mess for someone else to clean up.

There is definite attraction...on both sides

But they are each fighting it for their own reasons.
The story line about the Ancient is progressing as well. Its a depressing mess, but some of it seems to be coming together better for me...I don't know if I'm just slow on the uptake ;) or what, but I was having trouble following some of the history and alien weirdness that is the Breed.

I ended up really enjoying this story once I got past the first little part, it wasn't bad in the beginning, but not immediately compelling.
I was glad to see Eva again. She did something horrible and maybe unforgivable, but this allowed her to redeem herself, I felt.

Would recommend and will continue with this series