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Carter Reed

Carter Reed - Tijan I think maybe a 2.5 on this one...I don't know, I so wanted to love it, I tried to love it, but I just didn't. It held my interest, I mean I wanted to know what was going to happen, but I had some serious issues with our leading lady.
I didn't like Emma. Now, I'm all with her killing the guy at the beginning, I mean, who wouldn't kill some bastard raping your roommate? But pretty much every decision she made after that irritated me. And again, I haven't killed anyone but I just found her reactions somewhat annoying. I mean, I understand the crying, the wanting to vomit, the exhaustion, but that isn't entertaining to read. And I also haven't been hunted by the mob, but crying and vomiting and then like, "ooh, I want him to touch me", uh, get a hold of yourself. Also, Ben?! uh, hello, from the jump that dude was not right
Theresa was an idiot, that's pretty much all I have to say about her.
Overall, Amanda was a good character.
LOVED Noah, my favorite character of the book.
I did like Carter, though I gotta be honest, I wasn't really feeling their love connection.
The book had some action and I like a good mobster, but overall this just kinda didn't do it for me. I think you have to be careful about trying to make a girl strong, because when she opts not to listen to reason, she'll come across as stupid instead of strong and independent. Mostly she ruined it for me...I would read more from this author though as other works were good.