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Unspoken - Jen Frederick 4.5
LOVED this one--so much better than Undeclared in my opinion.

Marine, best friend to Noah, hot guy, smart, funny, damaged, violent, runs through every girl. I adored him. I liked him from the first one, getting to know him was fantastic. He doesn't care what anybody (outside his little group) thinks of him. But he has issues with himself, with his father and his childhood and he's not really sure what he's doing at Central. He followed Noah because he didn't really have anything better to do, but he can't seem to tame the anger in him without fighting or sex. His little moments with Finn just about killed me, and God! I can't wait for Finn's story!

Really loved her...I felt so badly for her, and yet, I didn't view her as weak--most of the time. She had a drunken night in which she lost her virginity. She was hit on and refused a guy, and he began to spread the most vicious rumors about her. So...she simply avoids all things Central related other than classes.
Her friend, Ellie--I adored her as well.
I did get a little frustrated with AM after the party when she and Bo had that fight because I could totally see where he was coming from and Gah! he wanted to take her away from all of that. And she was being kind of stubborn and didn't tell him about her dad and stuff.
I was glad there wasn't some kind of crazy "miscommunication" issue that turned into drama, but that they both genuinely had issues that they needed to figure out. There was some great banter, and I loved that everything about Bo seemed...consistent and there was a great depth to him.
Can't wait for the next one!