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Boots - Angel Martinez 3...maybe 4 stars...I was kinda like "whaaaaat?" a few times, but overall, it was fine, I guess. It's not my particular kind of story and that's basically what I took off the stars for. It wasn't poorly written or anything, though if it had been a little longer, I think that would have been good.
My issues were mostly with the whole "shifting" thing. He didn't "shift" enough for me...the whole "penile spines" and kitty tongue thing kind of ecks me out, but as far as a fairy tale, sweet little story, its fine.
I think the best part and what I wish there had been more of was learning about Kasha's past, the way his other masters treated him or the things he had to witness.
The story lets us get both perspectives and I liked that. Joey got a little "treat"--which was AWESOME. The ogre wears Armani suits and alligator shoes...I had a few chuckle moments.