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Burning up Flint

Burning up Flint - Laurann Dohner 3.5 stars...I'm kinda conflicted about this one...on the one hand, I kept reading, only stopping to pick up the kiddos from school, so I was obviously interested. On the other hand...man did I want to slap the shit out of Flint and Arrion and Iron...and the pirates, and the general.
So first, the story itself in interesting and different (at least for me). I liked Mira--she only pissed me off once I mean really? stealing a pod, that you can't fly, you don't know shit about, in space, wherever the hell you are, with pirates out there...I mean...come on. Points to her for admitting she was stupid and only thinking of escaping
The "property" thing was killing me. I wanted to slap Flint! It wasn't some deep emotional connection, that's for sure, but there was something there and it was enough to make me keep reading.
when he said "I sold you to Iron." I about died!
Kill Me was my first thought a few times in this book.
Then, at 63% it took an interesting turn and I was like, maybe this'll be hot. But it was just hella awkward.
Arrion is a bitch--I hope someone kills her in the next one!
At 88% I put my head down, shook my head and said "Yup, Mira, shit is definitely fucked up."
Even though I spent a good deal of time upset at the whole cyborg world...I did like this.