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The Sessions

The Sessions - Azure Boone I'm going four stars. I got this for free a while back and read it for a challenge. I was LOVING it from jump....then I was kinda like "what?", and then it got all like crazy and the end scared the shit out of me and I absolutely HAVE to read the next one. The build up was great, but the actual like sexual encounters were...I don't know...weird. Anyways, I did enjoy the way the story unfolded and we get into each of their heads and I don't know what's up with Micah..I mean, at this point, I really have NO idea what's going on with him, who or what he is, if this is gonna turn crazy paranormal, or just psychotic or just deeply troubled or what...Definitely holds the attention, though... Okay, really like Sarah and everything and I know we have to "believe" in the story, but she went a little overboard, yeah? From all professional, to you gave me an orgasm, let me tattoo your name on me? I mean...she may need some help, too. I think that was part of the thing for me with this book, though we are getting her perspective and his, I didn't really trust either one of them. Their account of what's happening doesn't necessarily mean that's what's happening. Will be reading the follow up.