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Claimed - Evangeline Anderson 3 stars. There were a lot of things I liked about this. It was definitely different, a little uncomfortable at times, and kinda hot. I liked Sylvan and Sophie and Baird...but good Lord did I just want to knock Olivia out. I mean...I get the resisting, I do, and I was with her...for a little bit, but then I was like, really? How long can we drag this out? I mean, if about a third (or half) of that part had been cut out I think I would have given it another star, it was just too much for me. And when she got pissed about the scent thing...I facepalmed...come on!
anyhoosals, I may check out the next one, interested in the whole Allfather, Sophie, Baird's brother thing, but I may wait a bit...I need to read something with instant gratification to balance things out.