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Street Game

Street Game - Christine Feehan 4 stars...I was thinking 3.5, but I went ahead and rounded up.
Overall, I did enjoy this story, but man...it did seem to go on forever. This is my first christine Feehan book, and it probably wasn't that bright for me to start with number 8 of a series. I did like this, it was interesting and I love all the psychic stuff and their different abilities and the whole feeling of family and camaraderie between the characters.
Kane and Javier--wherever you are going, I will follow!
Now, there were a few things I didn't care for. There was a lot of repetitive dialogue and explanations. By the 20th time I'd heard that they were family and had grown up together, I was like, "yes, I know, I heard you twice the first time!"
I wasn't sure if some of the characters were new and maybe she was trying to really establish the connection that maybe wasn't there before, but it was kind of overkill.
The other thing was the detail for everything everybody was doing, and this is a personal thing of mine, I don't need you to explain to me how you cracked the code or what firewalls were set up or how you had to go through so many layers before you were able to trace someone. If you claim to be the computer expert, I'll take your word on it that you got the job done. Towards the end i was having trouble keeping up with the names and aliases, but again, that's me.
Jaimie was...okay, I mean, I liked her...sometimes, but at others I was thinking, what a brat?! and of course I hate to feel that way about my main girl. I like that she was powerful, that she knew what she could handle and not and that she tried to do right by everyone, but overall, she fell kind of short for me a good portion of the book.
I liked Mack, I liked him a lot actually. I think his interactions with Kane were my favorite parts, and anything with Javier. I'm really looking forward to Kane's book which is next. I will be reading more from this author. It was a vivid, detailed, interesting story with good characters and I love the paranormal aspect of it.