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Hard Evidence

Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare I'm going 3, maybe 3.5 on this one. Definitely not my favorite of the series.
Tessa drove me a little crazy, well, really crazy. I kinda had a few shout-at-my-Kindle-why-is-this-girl-so-damned-stupid moments.
Love Julian, of course.
I'm reading this series out of order, and now that I see how some things are related, I wish I hadn't, but overall, I feel like the stories stand on their own well enough, so I'll probably keep going out of order.
I do like this series (though I think Ms. Clare excessively uses her exclamation points). There is a genuinely interesting story, the characters are awesome, especially the guys in this series! Love the reporter aspect, though in this one it was hard to see the "importance" of the journalism in the scheme of what was happening.
I will continue with this series.