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The Chase

The Chase - Erin McCarthy 2.5...possibly 3 stars and they ALL belong to Evan and supporting cast. God! I so wanted to like Kendall, but for the love of all that is holy, I did NOT! I mean, who doesn't want to love a girl driving, someone who wants to be taken seriously because of her talent, doesn't even think gender should be a factor? I mean, that has all the makings of a great heroine, right? yeah, until you add in everything else. Okay, so she was immature and messed up when she was younger, she owned her immaturity and I was like, okay, I can get down with this. She owned her sexuality, again, lovin' her...and then...Ker-splat. The wheels fell off. Her reactions pissed me off. I mean, really. I understand that in the back of most girls' minds, they want a guy to chase them a bit, go through hoops for them, but seriously, I was like, "Run Evan! She isn't worth it!" At some point grow the fuck up and no, you can not say you love someone, commit to them and then run the VERY SECOND something comes up. Her immaturity was ugh...blah...ick. Bummer-tastic. I will continue with the series because I truly loved all the other books.