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Extreme Danger

Extreme Danger - Shannon McKenna 2.5 ...well...I don't know, overall its like a 2 maybe, i don't know. I'm going to ramble, so this is your SPOILER ALERT!
Honestly I'm trying to think about, its like I couldn't stop reading it, but i didn't necessarily enjoy reading it.
so much super crazy insanity in this, I don't even know what to say, though, that's not necessarily a bad thing. I can do super crazy, I can do ex military guys going off for their own reasons to kill and do unspeakable things to horrible people, but something about this was like, "Really?"
I'm quite certain, and I could be wrong and God I hope I never have to find out, but I'm pretty sure that if being forced to cook meals for a Ukrainian mafia man that specializes in drugs, killing, and abusing children, I would NOT be able to have a mind-bending orgasm right after being fake raped and right before being Gang-raped. I mean..."Really?"
The sex in here was like...at the WORST possibly times, and it was...well maybe it was hot, I didn't think so, but possibly.
Nick came across as the world's biggest douche bag...but then...I admit he would kind of get me and there were times when I was like "awwww"...but then he would fuck Becca again and ruin it. I did like being in his head, his perspective was my favorite. I think because at least when we were in his head he didn't come across so crude and brash, I got to see his struggles and that helped. He was a decent guy, definitely fucked up, but overall, decent.
Becca was...irritating at times. In the beginning I kinda wanted to smack her for stupidity. Not initially, but once I knew that there was a Ukrainian mafia guy after me that had wanted to rape and kill me and after I saw the guy I just met kill four people, I don't think anyone would have to tell me to change my appearance and take off...I would be GONE. At times she did show some strength, I didn't so much care for her doormat-giving-in-when-she-clearly-shouldn't thing...but whatever.
The other characters in here (not the McCloud peoples) but everybody else...Jeesh, talk about the lowest of the low...I felt like I needed to set my alarm and take a burning hot shower after reading about these assholes.
The abuse of children is just horrendous. I understand it happens, I understand that it is a great motivator for people to do the things they do in order to stop it, but that was a big factor in my just being uncomfortable when reading. That and all the ill timed sex. You mention a blow job, the guy pulls off the next exit finds a dump you can rent by the hour and tells you to put on some "slut red" lipstick you stole from another lowlife woman and then tells you to get on your knees. Wow, I'm swooning over here...wait, no, I'm not. Not at all. It was a strange relationship to say the least. I'm not really sure how I feel about it honestly.