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Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning 3 stars-3 stars for storyline + 1 star for Barrons - 1 star for Mac= 3 stars
Well this was different...and parts of it I really liked. Our girl, though, Mac...ugh.
Shallow, vapid, superficial.
"Then I dug my brush from my purse, sat down on the bed, and began brushing my hair. I worked on it for a long time, until it shimmered like blond silk. I was going to miss it."

"Back then, I was twenty-two and pretty and up until the month before, my biggest concern had been whether Revlon would discontinue my favorite Iceberry Pink nail polish, which would be a disaster of epic proportions as it would leave me without the perfect complement for the short pink silk skirt I was wearing today with a clingy pearly top, and shimmery gold sandals, flattered by just the right heel to show off my golden, toned legs."

So yeah, not too terribly impressed with her. She wasn't too stupid, I mean there were times when she was too stupid to live, but other times she actually listened, so hey she gained like half a point or something.
I like the idea, I really did. I'm into paranormal creepy shit, so yay plot!
I liked him. I can't honestly picture him, but I liked him. I like that he put Mac in her place and scared her a bit.
I hear that Mac matures through this series (God, I hope so), so I'm not giving up. I will read the next one and see from there.