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Jace - T.A. Grey This is my first T.A. Grey story.
I did like it, but there were a few things that didn't work for me:
Mara came off as kinda...trampy and...clueless? in that first encounter (definitely didn't like her at first)
I felt like we didn't get enough of Jace...well, honestly, this is a short book, so maybe it was just the general length that I was disappointed about.
There were times when I felt confused, at the character's behavior or the timeline.

Having said that, it held my interest and I continued to read it and I want to know more about the others.
I liked Tia, every girl needs a best friend like her.
I like these Alpha male tough guys!
I hope to see some more of Gio and Mac.
The hotness was....well...HOT!

Would read more from this author.