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Not Another Soldier

Not Another Soldier - Samantha Holt 2 all for Nick stars.
Look...I'm not going to rant, okay?
It's tough being a military wife, child, family member, friend, actual member of the military, not everybody can do it...I know that....but I don't want to ever read another story where someone feels about the military the way Sienna did. How can you have your heroes be marines (yes-marines, not soldiers) and then have a main character that clearly does not appreciate the military. It was..frustrating to say the least. And that's me...you know, everyone is entitled to feel how they want and express it, but I don't want to read another one like this...Nick's only flaw was that he was a soldier? (even though he was really a marine) Really? The military dictating his life, these damn army wives, etc....oh God, I wanted to smack her. Mostly because...her issues weren't acutally with the military...it was her douchebag of a husband...I'm ranting, aren't I? I said I wouldn't.
Look, overall, Nick--awesome character...loved him. The little plot aside from the romance, okay, I can dig it. Honestly, with the writing and stuff that was going on, I could totally have seen this getting more like 4 stars...but damn...not only are you hating on the military but you're confusing the branches, too.
Sienna? Nick...seriously man, you could do better. Much better.
I would read more from this author if she in no way mentiones the military, and she finds a decent female character.