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Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon - Sherrilyn Kenyon 3.5 stars. I did really like this, I think I just should have started with the first one instead of the 10th...part of the reason for a lower rating is I was getting lost in all these names.
I really liked Ravyn, his story was heartbreaking and sad and I loved him. Susan was pretty awesome, I really enjoyed her sarcasm and tough girl attitude and that she backed it up with action.
The other characters, well, I'm not entirely sure about all of them yet. LOVED Dorian, though I was kinda going back and forth about him. The thing with Nick hurt my feelings and its almost like there aren't "good guys" and "bad guys"...everybody is kind of playing several different sets of people and their agendas are all different and the whole thing got a little convoluted for me...but I'm going to now start at the beginning.