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Nash - Jay Crownover 4.5 stars
I had written this crazy in depth review and then I lost it when goodreads went down the other day...so this will just be shorter.

Rule has been my favorite...but man...Nash may have surpassed him, I think I still rate [b:Rule|17200687|Rule (Marked Men, #1)|Jay Crownover|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1357012113s/17200687.jpg|23675925] higher for Shaw, though.
I did like Saint...I mean, in the hands of a lesser author, she could have been one of those eye-roll-DNF-causing-girls, but Jay handled her just right and even though I did get a little irritated with her, it was mild compared to what it had been. I do have to say, and I fully take bullying seriously, I wanted to tell her and her sister to get the fuck over it...high school was years ago and no one should cling to an image they had of someone from high school--Gah! we aren't supposed to be the same people and Nash did everything under the sun and moon to prove he wasn't what she remembered from HIGH SCHOOL! Anyhoo--rant over.

Nash was fantastic! I mean, he was sweet and messed up and going through so much but he has been a consistently great character throughout all of the books and he is such a good friend. I felt badly for him about his mother and his father and everything. Saint was definitely making him jump through hoops for her. That date? Yes, you know the one...best date ever...I LOVE him!
And I think...the moment where he opens the door for her to leave because he can't keep having her put him at arms length, if I hadn't loved him already, that would have been the moment where I would have fallen.

Highly recommend! Can't wait for Rowdy's story and is anyone else hoping that Royal gets with Asa?