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Before Jamaica Lane

Before Jamaica Lane - Samantha Young 4.5 stars...I love this book.
I loved the characters.
I loved Nate.
I loved the friendship.
I loved Nate's mouth.
I loved the banter.
I loved the sex...(and Nate's mouth)
I loved the realistic emotion.
I think Cole might be my favorite character...can we see him grow up and get his own book, please?
I loved the fact that Olivia wasn't an idiot and saw where things were headed and she was self-aware enough to recognize her part in the situation.
I loved that attention was paid to the little details that show reactions were highlighted. Made each encounter more emotional and realistic.
I did not love the horrible gut wrenching, friendship ending, stomp on your heart and fall to pieces part but I understood it.
I loved that the other characters were not just flat props but continued to be genuine characters.
Did I mention Nate's mouth?
I loved the end.
LOVED it. Highly recommend it. Will be reading more from this author.