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Unraveled - Jen Frederick 4...I may bump up to 4.5 because I love Gray's dirty mouth--good Lord this book had some serious hotness.
I do honestly think that [b:Unspoken|17876866|Unspoken (Woodlands, #2)|Jen Frederick|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1373913632s/17876866.jpg|25032458] might still be my fav...Bo is damn hard to beat. I did love Gray though, really did. It was nice to see the other guys--Adam (his book is gonna be awesome,I can tell), Noah, Bo, and Finn (GOD PLEASE can Finn's book be next?! I'm dying here!

Anyhoo, Gray is awesome, ya'll know I love military men. Gray is a marine, from a family of marines, he is at a crossroads in determining what his next move should be, stay in or get out. He feels torn on this decision for more than one reason, and I love that all of that is explored. He had a bad girlfriend experience and carries that bitterness with him, which I totally got. None of the issues seemed contrived or ridiculous. I loved his interactions with Bo and Noah (especially Bo), they seemed really honest and a lot like what guys are really like with each other, not how we wish they were. Did I mention his naughty mouth? I mean...these books are hot, I think they've gotten progressively hotter Gray was...very vocal..:P

Sam, overall, I super adored her. I think her feelings and reactions were genuine and realistic and honest, although I did have a few moments of Please stop bringing Will up every other second, I mean she would think something about Gray and then immediately compare/contrast it to Will, even when she spoke to Gray. And while maybe that was honest and realistic, after a while, I was like, dude---if I was Gray, I wouldn't want to hear about Will all the time.
But Gray was a champ, about everything.

I kind of hated Will's family...I mean, they were grieving and all that, but...that's the truth, I didn't like them at all.

Would recommend this book, definitely read more from this author...hopefully soon...hopefully...Finn?