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Mistaking The Maid Of Honor

Mistaking The Maid Of Honor - Tessa Bailey 3.5 stars
In all honesty, I was not liking it until around 40%...but Tessa Bailey always comes through. I think my issue was going straight to the sex without any of the intimacy. I didn't like Reed at first. Uh, telling me you're going to service me and you're the only one that gets to service me is NOT hot.
And Julie...ugh, little, southern, I-am-so-confused-about-who-I-am-that-I-am-fucking-this-up-Julie...well, I didn't care for her at first either.
Once we got to know them, loved them both, Reed more...he could be downright adorable when he wanted.
And if there is one thing Tessa Bailey knows its how to write a dirty-talkin', scorchin' sex scene. And yes...she did...a few times.
I liked this better than the first one, but not as much as the last one...gonna check out the 3rd one next.