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Scream For Me: A Novel of the Night Hunter

Scream For Me: A Novel of the Night Hunter - Cynthia Eden 4.5 stars. Wow...this was seriously intense and scary, like Silence of the Lambs kind of scary, you know crazy psycho doing unimaginable yet creepily possible things. I don't normally go for serial killer type books, but I did find this to be incredibly well written. We get the perspective of the killer--which was beyond creepy, it was...I don't have an accurate word for it, we get inside the head of both of our FBI agents as well.
I adored Kyle, absolutely loved him from jump. He was a very realistically drawn character, lusting after his partner, haunted by his past, driven to do the right thing, but full of enough rage to want to let the right thing go sailing on by in favor of the thing that will make him feel better.
Cadence, honestly, took a little longer for me to warm up to. Her acting all cold and distant thing, keeping her secrets locked up didn't really work for me. I ended up feeling her though, it just took a while.
The abductions and the caves and the darkness, the whole thing was disturbing and I was truly sucked into those moments and could feel the darkness surrounding me. So well written.
I wasn't sure who the killer was...I went back and forth so many times, "maybe it's him" and then "no, it has to be", but honestly I had NO idea, which made it all the more frightening.
LOVED it and would highly recommend it.