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Hush, Hush

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick 1 star...
I did not like this book. The writing wasn't bad, the idea wasn't bad, there was potential, but it just fell short for me. Way short.
I saw some people say they felt this was a blatant rip off of Twilight. I can honestly say that never occurred to me while reading this.
The whole story line of girl-that's-never-attracted-to-anyone suddenly catching the eye of the dark, incredibly hot, mysterious and *gasp* bad boy who turns out to be otherworldly is a little overused at this point, but honestly I can read an overused story line if you make me feel it.
Sadly, I felt nothing. Well, nothing good. I felt copious amounts of annoyance and my forehead hurt from repeated face-palming, but other than that:nothing.
First up is Vee. Dear stupid, annoying, immature Vee.
Look, I recognize that most books have an outgoing, pushy, boy crazy, I'm-making-you-uncomfortable-for-your-own-good BFF, but Vee went well beyond. So, congrats Vee you have earned Most Annoying, Cringe worthy, And Ridiculous Best Friend in a Young Adult, New Adult...(hell, any book EVER) Award.

I forgot Nora's name and had to look it up to write this review...that's about how memorable she was to me.
Hell even Nora's mom got on my nerves...I mean, WTF was her deal when Patch and Nora were in the driveway?
Jules and Elliot: uh...I think at one point our Nora says how Jules was "clever" by disappearing constantly and not drawing attention to himself. Right...uh, I think that a guy that constantly disappears, especially when you make plans and then he either doesn't show or immediately gets up and leaves and NEVER returns is VERY suspicious. Who are these girls?
Ms. Greene--I don't have anything to say to you at all except you could give regular crazy psycho bitches a run for their money so Bravo!

And then there's Patch and Nora. I'm sorry, but I basically felt like:

I wanted to feel it, I tried to feel it, but I didn't. I mean...when did they have a relationship? When did feelings happen? In Bio class off the pages? In the handful of times they were actually together, though let's be honest, they didn't actually spend TIME together. So...what was it?
When he was trying to scare her to death (literally)? When he was bating her with his arrogance? When he wouldn't tell her the truth? Or does all it take is a time or two of him getting close to you...with a knife...that he intended to end your life with...that's it?
Overall, I felt like I read a story that had a series of almost interesting events and characters that I almost got to know and a romance that didn't make one lick of sense to me. I was not at all invested in these characters and I think I may have actually wanted something awful to happen to Vee a time or two.
Though I will say: Patch kissing each finger and telling her "What good is a body if I can't have you?" was a swoon-worthy moment.
I know tons of people love this book and this series and I think that's great, I'm not trying to bash anyone or anything, it just simply did not work for me.