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Underworld - Meg Cabot 3 stars. As far as stuff happening, I like this better than the first. The revelations about the Rector family and some of Pierce's own family history and of course we get a little more info on John, which was nice. I was glad that other people were pulled into this one, Alex especially, though I wanted to smack him for being obstinate, and Kayla, too...it'll be interesting to see where that goes in the next one.
I have to say though...I don't consider this a romance of any kind. Its not puppy love, a crush, hell it doesn't feel like a mild case of "like". As far as romance goes, NOPE, not happening here. I don't feel it between them. At all. Even those few moments when John's expression softens or when they claim to love each other, I feel NOTHING...which is a bummer...but I like the other-worldly part of the story so I will continue and read the next one...but if you're looking for some epic love or even a squeal-they are so perfect for each other--kind of book...I can't recommend this one.