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Red Rising

Red Rising - Pierce Brown 4.5 stars
Thank you to my lovely friend Julie for the recommendation.
I have not read Ender's Game (I know...) but I did some resemblance to The Hunger Games, but I think this is better.
I loved the writing. The first 60 pages or so about killed me. It was so vivid, so painful. Tears, ugly crying and I hate to cry...but anyway.
The rest turned into something else entirely. Doing what must be done for survival, to "win" all the while being watched by those that reign up on high. There have been a few of these type stories, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I was glad that there wasn't a romance or love triangle and I most sincerely hope we don't get one!
I liked Darrow. I know some found him arrogant, too perfect, but I did not see him that way. He was smart and strong and had of course the motivation to do what needed to be done. And of course, he did make mistakes, I had a front seat to some of his mistakes...and he recognized them as well.
I was in knots while reading, there were several things I was trying to suss out, nervously waiting to see if certain things would be found out.
There is some tough stuff in here, I'm not going to lie, there were times I was sick to my stomach. It's not a happy story.
Darrow loses himself at times and to be honest, I got caught up myself and forgot the purpose of it all.
I think it is very well written. I will be picking up the rest of the series when it becomes available. I would recommend for fans of the dystopian genre.