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Dust to Dust

Dust to Dust - Karina Halle God, I seriously do not have the words to explain how absolutely fantastic this series has been. Amazing. I put off reading it because I knew it would be hard to let it go. Perry and Dex have become so familiar. I'm not sure I have ever rooted for a couple like I did them. They have gone through so much and this last installment was so fucking heartbreaking. It killed me in so many ways. The loss and fear and sacrifice, friendship and love. Maximus! It was too much!!!
I think I cried more in this book than I have in possibly any other book, ever. Tears were coming so rapidly at the end, I could barely see. It was the ending we needed. The only way it could have been I guess.
I would highly recommend this series. Its scary as hell, and I don't enjoy being scared, but the stories are so cleverly crafted and you are so completely drawn into their world. The relationship between Dex and Perry...just could not have been better. And watching Perry and her sister...just fabulous.
Ada's story is coming! So excited!!!