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Sinners at the Altar

Sinners at the Altar - Olivia Cunning 4 stars
Spoilers Not specific, but just general stuff...
Olivia Cunning is "auto-buy" for me. I LOVED the Sinners on Tour series and often pick them up for quick partial rereads. The guys are so different and no one writes a rocker quite like Ms. Cunning.
I am dying to get Trey's little piece (we get it with the first Exodus End, right?!)
The first story was Brian and Myrna, which honestly was a little different than I had anticipated. Hot, of course, but I had almost forgotten all the things going on in the background that had interrupted them and were playing in the backs of their minds. I was glad it wasn't just sex, sex, sex, but that the other aspects were included--Trey's head injury and heartbreak, Myrna's jealousy and worry, etc. It was the Brian and Myrna we've come to love and I enjoyed the banter between the characters and that they held onto their personalities well...mostly...I mean, what got into Brian?! Wow. Hotness!
Erik and Reb were next up. Erik really did end up being my favorite Sinner of the series...he appeals to the voyeur in me. Erik was truly adorable and I'm glad that Red was emotional and got frustrated with him and that even though I wanted him to relent and just talk to her it was better that he did that in his own time. Erik is a true sweetheart and his story was my fav of this book also.
Sed and Jess...it started out kind of...well, I don't really get into this whole big wedding thing, so I was ready to get that part over with. Jess drives me a bit nuts with her quick temper and getting upset over every little thing. I always felt like she was a little harsh with Sed. Their dynamic is probably the most realistic though, so I do love them. Sed, too was quite the sweetie.
Jace and Aggie...I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this one. While I LOVE Jace and thoroughly enjoyed his book, its honestly just not my kind of story--the whole dungeon, whipping, pain thing, so I connect a little less with those two. Don't get me wrong, LOVE Jace, he's a fantastic character, and Aggie is truly perfect for him. The Starr thing...pulled me out of the story and pissed me off and I just wanted her to die. I wasn't expecting the supernatural aspect, either. Not that I don't enjoy that whole thing, I just wasn't expecting it.
As always, an enjoyable read, a must for fans of the Sinners. I will read anything and everything else that Olivia writes.